Thursday, February 18, 2010

Excerpt #3 - From the Chapter "Two Heads are Scarier Than One"

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This time the picture in front of Maggie was much clearer than it had been before—clearer and more frightening. She was in a large meadow, but it wasn't like earlier. It was night this time—dark and eerily quiet.
The still, black canopy above was shredded by literally millions of jagged stars which, by virtue of their numbers, should have been far more illuminating than they were.
Across the field was the scariest looking forest she'd ever seen. All of the trees appeared to be nearly dead and leafless. Their twisted, gnarled, charcoal branches jutted out at odd angles creating a chaotic maze of tangled limbs. A dense murkiness hung close to the ground, tightly encircling the distorted tree trunks. The muck looked as though it was trying to strangle away any life that the trees might have had left in them. Behind the forest, a small, crooked mountain protruded up from out of nowhere. It was steep and harsh with a sharp, angry form. The shadows that were cast by the sadistic stars overhead played on its crevices and outcroppings, sending demonic faces rippling across its surface.
The scene was straight out of a horror movie. As Maggie took it all in, a chilling wave of fear rippled through her body. She attempted to remain calm, but what she saw next ripped the calmness right out of her and threw it to the low, howling wind.

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  1. This is cool. When is the book coming out?