Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Two Prologue

Hey Everyone! I've decided to post the prologue for book 2, tentatively titled LOR MANDELA - FOUR HUNDRED DAYS. Let me know what you think! Of course, any of you who were around during the making of DESTRUCTION FROM TWINS know, that this is all subject (and liable)to change :0)

(Just a quick update. . .I'm about 85 pages into the second book and averaging 5-10 pages a day. I'm hoping to have it written and ready for editing in early July! Wish me luck!!!)

Here goes:

"The only visible thing outside of the cement one-windowed room was a hazy blanket of black — a thick inky gloom so dense that neither moon nor stars penetrated it. The interior of the small room was similarly shrouded in stale blackness, except for a tiny sliver of one wall weakly illuminated by three shining green buttons. In their faint glow, the sharp edge of a metal door glinted on the otherwise barren slab of concrete. A musty odor — similar to that of a dust field stirred by the wind prior to a thunderstorm — hung heavily between the cold damp walls and seemed a fitting aroma for a factory which had been left dead and decaying by its former owners.

On a simple, gray, utilitarian bench — sterile and hard, and haphazardly jutting out from a corner — sat a tiny creature, curled in a dismal rocking ball, quietly sobbing and shivering. The faint chirping of crickets in the distance no longer appealed to her. In fact, the sound that would have normally held an irresistible fascination now created a sickening knot in the pit of Tabbit’s bulgy brown tummy. “Squanki don’t tells,” she mumbled through her sobs, “Only on Lor Mandela . . . four hundred days . . . four hundred days.”

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