Friday, June 4, 2010

My apologies!

Hey all,

If any of you are waiting for a book from me, I apologize that you haven't received it yet! (I know you haven't received it because, at this moment, I have a stack of them sitting in my office, glaring at me from a cluttered corner!)

Here's the scoop. I took a book, all packed up in a pretty priority mail box, to the U.S. Post Office and asked them to send it to California for me. Turns out that their "low" flat rate was almost more than the price of the book! Sheesh! I mean, I sent a book to a foreign country last week for nearly half of what it was going to cost me to send one to my cousin in the Golden State!

Anywho, WAY under-impressed, I rushed home and set out to find a better option, and thought I had found one with a package of flat fold boxes I could buy at Wal-Mart, but the store nearest me was out. When they did get a few of them back in stock, they were a lot flimsier than I had anticipated. (Can you say "smashed corners?") So I switched gears and checked with Fed Ex, UPS, and a nearby pack and ship place, who all had boxes that were either too small or OBNOXIOUSLY too big.

Forward to this morning . . . I cruised to that local Wal-Mart again, this time to do a little grocery shopping, and low and behold, as I sauntered down the packaging aisle to pick up some bubble wrap (hey . . . although bubble wrap does have astonishing anxiety-relieving properties, today I was purchasing it to actually wrap a fragile article), I found the perfect bubble envelope for my book! (Happy dance time! Thanks for the tip William!)

So, I should have the books ready to go this weekend and have them sent by Monday or Tuesday at the latest! Sorry again if you have been waiting!

Thanks for your patience!!!!!

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