Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you believe in ghosts?

So... In the book "Lor Mandela - Four Hundred Days", we travel to none other than Alcatraz Penitentiary and encounter a group of Shadow Dwellers called the Dark Watchers.

This brings up a question that I would love to know the answer to. Do you believe in the paranormal? I've had enough personal experiences to say that "yes", strange things happen, but I've never had definitive evidence proving that these occurrences are actual ghosts!

I did have a weird experience about a year ago. My eleven-year-old son was setting up a "sling shot" type deal-eo in our living room to launch his toys across the room, (ahhh, youthful ingenuity), and he wanted to document their flight on my cheapy digital camera. At one point, it sounded like a voice said, "Don't touch". This voice was deep, raspy and clearly male, but the only people near enough to the camera (for it to pick up their voices) were my two twenty-one-year-old daughters and my toy launching prepubescent son.

Here's the link to the footage on YouTube so you can check it out for yourself. This is an uncut, unedited version; the voice is at 2 minutes.

Love to hear your opinions!!!

L. Carroll


  1. That is so weird!

    I definitely believe in ghosts. Everyone in my house can see them.


  2. Creepy! I don't believe in ghosts per se, but rather spirits. Maybe it's just semantics.

  3. thanks, Lor, I've done a bit of ghost hunting. Still undecided.


  4. I clearly heard the words: sounded like "Oh Gosh"...creepy! It was clearly a VOICE! DId anyone hear it in the home or was it caught only on the video?

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    This was a true EVP in the literal sense. Electronic Voice Phenomenon is caught electronically but not heard with the "naked" ear. No one heard this voice until we played back the recording, and there were three people within ten feet.

    It's also important to note that the microphone on my camera more or less sucks! To pick up a voice that clearly, someone would have had to be quite loud or right at the camera's speaker.

    Good times!