Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Printed Copy or Ebook? That is the Question

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday (or whatever day it is where you happen to be)!

I've been thinking (yes, as a matter of fact, that is smoke you smell). What do REAL people, (and by REAL I mean fiction lovers), think about the whole printed copy of a book vs. ebook issue? I mean, we've all read the articles about the major shift going on in book sales, (can you say, BORDERS?)and I can certainly see the benefit of having text books, reference books, and, in general, the bulk of non-fiction available on the computer or a reading device, but how do you feel about fiction? Do you like to hold an actual book in your hands, feel the cover, ruffle the pages? Or do you enjoy coming across all tech-savvy and up-to-date when you whip out your Kindle or Nook? As an author, I'm insanely interested in your thoughts and opinions. Leave me a post and let me know! :o)


  1. I still prefer to have the actual book in my hand. I'm one of those book nerds who likes to rearrange their bookshelves, freak out when an awesome cover is revealed, and cherish the few books that I have signed. You can't really have that with e-books. (Well, you can still freak out about the covers, but you won't have them sitting all pretty in your living room!!)

    I have a few friends that have Kindles and Nooks. Most say that they love them for their ability to be taken anywhere without taking up much space. However, I usually have a book in my purse or car at all times, so I can't really say that would be a big enough reason for me to ever get one.

    I do, however, have one friend that has one that she mainly uses for one purpose, and that's when she finishes a book in the middle of the night, and NEEDS the next one ASAP, but the bookstore is closed. She's probably one of the few that goes back and buys the books she has on her Kindle so that she has the entire set at home.

    This might sound corny, but it is what it is lol. I'm sure you've heard TONS of people who say that they want to write a book one day. I count myself in that group of people (I'm still waiting for my awesome book idea lol). Never have my dreams of having a published book been about seeing it's e-book link on a website. It has been about one day seeing something that you poured your heart and soul into sitting on a shelf for others to enjoy, a tangible item that you can pick up, "dog-ear" the pages because you can never remember to bring a bookmark, and squeeze and hold (b/c I know that's what I would do if I wrote a book lol...or if it was a highly anticipated sequel haha).

    Overall, the growing trend scares me a little. I'm scared that 10 or 20 years from now, books won't be printed anymore and my dreams of an awesome book-filled attic will be down the drain. :(

    Sorry for the long post!! :)

  2. I love my nook color. I like to be able to hold it with one hand and turn the pages with the same hand. I think it is the ease of use I enjoy, and also looking cool when I pull it out at my daughters gymnastics class.

    One thing I have noticed with my friends who have recently got a nook or kindle, they read more books now then they have in the past. This would seem to good for Authors as they have a means to get their book to more readers.

    I like the feel of books and the "new book" smell, but I would not trade my nook for it. Besides, I have my son's book collection to admire...until he gets a nook that is.