Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Saturday--erm, I mean Sunday Post....

A day late and a dollar short! That sums me up pretty well! (Sorry to whomever I owe that dollar!) Anyway, this was supposed to be posted yesterday, and for that I apologize, especially to the new followers that I am tardy in welcoming! At any rate, a hearty welcome to: WENDY, ANGELA, JENNY, SWEET SWAN (sweet!), ANNA, HEATHER, SUS, JACINDA, ALLIE, STELLA, GLENN, LAUREN, SHANA, ASHLEY, ANGELA (the sequel), JENN (part 2, minus the Y), VY, JACKIE, STEPHANIE, PAIGE, GRACE, LAURA, SAMANTHA, CHRISTINA, DEAN, VAMPYRMENTALITY (scary cool), SUZY, ILUVREADINGTOOMUCH (is that even possible?), RACHEAL, DEBBIE, WILDIRISHROSE33 (what happened to wildirishrose32?), J. EGON and KIOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, welcome to anyone who followed via email...(sorry, I don't have names. See the post from 2 Saturdays ago).

It's so nice to have you following the blog!!! Stay tuned for the next couple of posts where I will list out the winners of The Versatile Blog Award and the winner of The Catch Phrase Contest... Coming Soon!

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