Monday, May 30, 2011

Sorry for the Diversion!

Hi Everyone!

Last week was pretty incredible, and I hope you'll indulge me for a moment while I divert from books. I want to thank the folks at Island Adventures in Anacortes, WA for an amazing whale watching experience! If any of you are ever near the San Juan Islands, do yourself a favor and schedule a tour with this wonderful group. They have tours that run every day and they guarantee that you'll see a whale on your trip, or you can go out again and again until you do! You'll have the opportunity to see multiple species of wildlife, as well as Orca, Minke, Grey and Humpback Whales (depending on the time of year). We traveled up into Canada where we met up with some beautiful Orcas. It was unreal!!! Check out their blog/Whale Report at http://www.  and I'm sure you'll be anxious for more!


  1. Ooo, cool! I'll bet that was so amazing. I hope to get to do this one day...

  2. Hi Court,
    It was pretty freakin' cool! Hopefully you WILL have the chance! There just aren't words to really describe how awe inspiring these animals are! I grew up in So. Cal. so I've seen Orcas at Sea World and the San Diego Zoo, but seeing them in the middle of the ocean is an entirely different deal! Hope you're having a great day!!! Chat with you soon!

  3. Wait. Are you living in Washington or just visiting? I live in SW Washington. We love going to Anacortes to kayak. Beautiful area. So happy you saw some orcas!

  4. Hey Angela! Actually, I live in Utah. We were just up there on vacation. You're right, though! It's such a beautiful area...has me seriously thinking about making a move! :o)