Monday, May 2, 2011

Wow! Three Posts in One Day!

That's gotta be a weird record or something (For me anyway!) Anyway, I just wanted to share a bit about book #2, so here's a brief synopsis, and an even briefer (Ooo! What a fun word?!) excerpt. Hope you enjoy:

When our fair heroine sneaks back to Earth with Dallin Doone to save their friend Tabbit, the Shadow Squanki, she finds out that Ryannon of Brashnell has begun relentlessly blowing up towns and cities on Earth in order to get her to turn herself over to him. (Is our heroine Audril Borloc or Maggie Baker? You’ll have to read book number one, Lor Mandela – Destruction from Twins to find out! Forgive me my mischievous snigger, won’t you?)

On Earth, she meets a wildly eccentric old lady named Teedee Venilworth whose imaginary butler/fiancĂ© is supposedly the one who can help. But how can someone help if he doesn't exist? Could it be that Shadow Dwellers are not exclusive to Lor Mandela? 

Book number two in the Lor Mandela Series, Lor Mandela – Four Hundred Days, is an action-packed whirlwind of intrigue and fantasy. Join the extraordinary characters from the first book (both the good and the evil) as they traverse the haunted corridors of Alcatraz Penitentiary, travel via portal to an ancient castle on the cliff shores of Ireland, and meet a foreboding race of mystic warriors known as the Solom.

Fly on the back of a large horse-like creature to the Northern High Forests and discover that on the picturesque world of Lor Mandela, your friends can become foes, your enemies your allies, and just because someone dies, it doesn’t always mean that they’re dead.

From Chapter 13 “Mikil’s Surrender”:
Although the day was hot and and humid in Central Iowa, the billowing charcoal clouds that tumbled in from the southwest brought with them a ferocious, chilling wind. Sharp daggers of flashing silver, originating from every corner of the sky, sliced through the swollen canopy and were followed by rolling booms which boisterously announced the arrival of the massive summer storm. In the distance, the haunting wail of tornado sirens stirred anxiousness in the mind of one unfamiliar with the weather and the routines of the Midwestern United States. Mikil Tu Shadow crouched among the black skeletons of burnt plants, the tangled piles of splintered homes, and the acres of dusty grey ash in Glenhill, alert...on edge...and waiting.


  1. I'll have to read the first book.

  2. Have read LOR Mandela and loved it so can't wait to read this one too xxx