Monday, June 20, 2011

Stay Tuned....

Is it wrong for me to be getting excited about the release of my own book?

I hope I shall not err against decorum, but alas, I am FRIGGIN' EXCITED!! AAAAAAAAAA! (oh, uh, sorry...insert sheepish grin here.)

In case you haven't heard, LOR MANDELA - FOUR HUNDRED DAYS releases on Friday, July 15 at noon EST! And it's not just the book release that I am excited for. The lovely and talented Hiba at the WovenStrands Blog has been helping me (or rather, I've been helping her) put together a mega fun event! (See the post called "Please Join In The Fun", below). I hope you will all join the party!!! We're gonna have fan art contests for those of you who want to get your "draw" on; social networking contests for anyone who would simply DIE without twitter; and giveaways...lots and lots of giveaways!  (OMG! Can you say, "Signed 1st editions of some awesome books"?)

Oh yeah! And then there's the cover for FOUR HUNDRED DAYS! It's being kept TOP SECRET until the middle of the party. It will release, right here, on July 7th at midnight EST! I must warn you, will be quite impossible for anyone to get a peek at it before then! It is--at this moment--being guarded by Tiny Floridian Robot Ninjas and their Rabid Exploding Marmosets of Death! (I'm not kidding! This is serious stuff!)

SO... To recap: Book Release... AAAAAAA... Party... Giveaways... Cover... Marmosets! You won't want to miss it!!!



  1. Sqeeee! I'm excited for you! Wahoo!

  2. I don't think it's wrong to get excited at all!! I just recently published too, and the feeling is unmatched! Congratulations, and all the best of success!