Saturday, June 4, 2011


I hate not knowing what to write.

I'm not talking about in a book or poem or short story (although that can be aggravating); I'm talking about on my blog! Every Saturday I welcome new followers, and every Saturday I strive to make them feel truly welcome through a post such as this one. But it never fails! The inky black ooze that is writer's block crawls up the leg of my desk, slinks over to my arms, and leaps boldly from my elbows into my head, leaving me racking my haze-enveloped brain for something intelligent and heartfelt to type. (Hey, don't laugh! That's what it feels like!) So, I hope you'll excuse my lack of creativity when I simply say, "Welcome to these great new followers: RYAN, KHOSS1, JULIE, TAZ, JENNY and LON!!!" As always, welcome to those who are following via email as well!

Have a fantastic week everyone, and don't forget to read!!!

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