Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YAy! Irresistibly Sweet Blog #10!

Hi all!

Swing on over and check out "YA Bound"--my pick for Irresistibly Sweet Blog #10!! Hosted by the lovely Trisha Wolfe, this blog...well, let me quote directly from her bio..."This site is for the promotion of authors in the YA genre, and also dedicated to giving helpful writing information to writers and future writers of YA." This awesome blog is a wonderful resource for YA authors, but also for finding great YA books. I LOVE how she has release countdowns all over the page! (Builds such a sense of anticipation!!!) Here's the link: YA Bound

By the way, after you check out Trisha's blog, make sure to go to her website. http://www.trishawolfe.com  Her up and coming novel "The Crystal Pendulum" sounds absolutely spectacular!


  1. AW! Thank you! That's super sweet of you ;) I'll post it on the blog with a link to your site! Awesome! And thanks for the shout out on my book! =)

  2. You're welcome, Trisha! Keep me posted on you're book. I'm practically salivating!