Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Friends are AWESOME!!!

Hi Blogsational People!

Ready to have some fun?

First, turn out all of the lights. (Darkness is required. If it's day time wherever you're at, go into that windowless bathroom or closet, and close the door.)

Now, take out a lighter, (or a flashlight if there's a possibility of torching someone's closet or turning the household's last remaining roll of TP into a Roman Candle). Flick your Bic, or switch on the ol' Black & Decker, and wave it slowly back and forth above your head.

Okay, now hum "We are the World", while a friend or loved one, (who can see, because they are not pretending to be at the "Live Aid" concert), reads the following:

Welcome to this week's new followers!!! P.K., C.C., JOSHUA, D.K., (lot's of initials joining up this week!), ISABELLA and DOREEN!

I'm so glad to have you along on this exciting, (albeit slightly bizarre) journey!! :o)

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