Friday, April 15, 2011

K . . . K . . . K . . . Kindle!

Okay! So I finally broke down and bought a Kindle!

Does this mean that I'm going to stop buying printed books? Nope. Does this mean that I'm giving in to the evil trend that so many bibliophiles and traditional booksellers loathe? Hmmm, perhaps, but I was thinking... If I want a book that retails for $15, and I can get it for $3...Oh m'gosh! That's five books I can buy for the price of one! I can buy more books, and maybe, just maybe, save a tree or two along the way. (I really like trees!) Plus, instead of investing in only a few of my author friends' works, I will be able to invest in many more.

Of course, I'll still have to own hard copies of my favorites for the bookshelf; that's a non-negotiable, so I'll probably be buying as many printed books as I ever have. I guess it's kind of like rent 'em for a couple bucks to see if you like 'em first, and then you buy your favorites!

Anyway, since I'm officially Kindle-fied, I need about 3,000 (give or take) suggestions of great reads! What books would you recommend? What's the best book ever, in your opinion? Ideas folks! I need ideas!

Thanks and happy reading (and writing, for those of you who are so inclined)!


  1. hi! woo hoo! congratulations on your e-reader! i don't have a Kindle (yet) but i do have a Kindle for PC in the meantime. i have a nook though. anyway, here's a link that gives you a daily dose of freebies and bargains from Amazon, etc! i love this site and i'm sure you will too.

    enjoy your new toy! happy reading and have a great weekend too! c",)

  2. *gasp* you have crossed over to the dark side young one ... *teasing*

    hehe I too have recently plunged into the world of e-books but I purchased a Nook Color. I wasn't too crazy about it. I had some 'user-difficulties' with maneuvering on the touch screen. So maybe when I go on vacation or something the ability to take multiple books with me will come in handy but as for now I still prefer to my books in print.

    Have fun though looking for good reads on the Kindle. Try some of the free books ... some established authors actually e-publishes short stories as a form of a prequel to an existing series. Those are a real treat.

  3. Ack! I still can't make myself take that step. My 60 yr old dad bought one, though. That's so backwards!

    Saving trees is good! I'm sure it will be the trees that convince me in the long run.

    Congrats on investing in your first Kindle.

  4. I had reservations at first, but learned to love my NOOK. I was torn when the hubs gave me an iPad for Christmas. I loved the feel of the NOOK in it's book-like cover. The iPad, I'm not loving it so much. What I do enjoy about these devices is the portability. No more vacations with carry-on luggage weighed down by books! YAY. Like you, I have several books that I also have in hard-copy. : D

  5. You can grab my books for free at Smashwords. They cost if you buy them on Amazon, but you can download them for free from Smashwords by clicking HERE
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  6. i LOVE my kindle to bits! And now i read a lot more than i did, so convenient. I have just read 19 minutes my Jodi Picoult (think the spelling is right)and really enjoyed it. In the meantime, here is a coupon for my ebook. Paradox - The Angels Are Here (Paradox Series #1 GJ32Q You can download it with the coupon free from smashword for your kindle. Cheers Patti

  7. No Kindle for me. Not now. I'd like to say not ever, but time has a way of pissing me off with passage and change. My daughter has a Nook and loves it.


    Paper for me. It smells good. And if I really hate the book, I take joy in sharing it with friends as "the worst you've seen."

  8. I'm using a couple of reader apps on my Samsung Galaxy tablet and I have to say I do love it. I won't abandon traditional paper and hard backs but there will be less of a focus on them. And it will encourage me to try out much more indie literature.