Saturday, April 16, 2011


I love Saturday! It's the day that I welcome all of the new followers for the week!!!

But first...You learn something new everyday, and here's what I've learned over the past couple of 'em:

1. On the blog's main page, the pictures of blog "followers" are neatly lined up in order, according to when the follower...uh...followed. Ya see, I knew that. BUT, if the follower in question did not have a profile picture when they followed, this rule does not apply. I didn't know that! This is a tasty little nugget that I discovered just a couple of days ago.

Apparently, when someone without a profile pic follows, they are placed at the beginning of the follower list with all of the other pictureless people, and folks who joined the blog ages ago. As a result, I have erroneously missed these image-free followers in my welcome posts! *screams in horror* Hopefully, this will be remedied once and for all today when I welcome all of these faceless people to the blog! :o)

And now, for the #2 juicy tidbit...

When someone follows via email, they don't show up on the blog at all! (Mystery solved, Peter!) So, to all of you who have followed by typing your email into the little white box-ee-poo, HERE'S A BIG FAT WELCOME WITH CAPS LOCK ON!!! I'm just sorry that I can't list you all out by name, but I want you to know that I appreciate your follow, regardless!

Okay, now that you all know what I've learned, (my mental capacity is somewhat limited), here are the new followers for this week! (You may want to grab a snack and pull up a comfy chair).

WELCOME TO: LUANA, ASHLEY(the 1st), AMSY, KATIE, KAREN, ASHLEY (the 2nd), PATRICIA(the 1st), MEGAN, KATE, JENNIFER(the 1st), RYAN, CJV_97 (cool name, BTW), BECKTOR, ASH, PATRICIA (the 2nd), DIANE, PATTI, ORLAGH CASSIDY'S BIGGEST FAN, HEIDI, JUTTA, BRANDON, LAURE, ALLI, LINDSAY, JAMIE(the 1st), PENELOPE, JAMIE (the 2nd), PARTHENIA, MIRA, DIANA, ANGEL, MELISSA, JAMIE (the 3rd), SHERI, BELLA, SCOTT, HONEY, MONIKA, ZAREEN, AOBIBLIOPHILE, SOPHIE, TRISTAN, KELSEY, TYMOTHY, GINA, TRISHA, JUDY, ANGELA, JAIME & PATRICIA (the 4th, if you count pronunciation, and the 3rd) ANYA, AMY, MICHELLE, MARISA, NICHOLE, JENIFER (the 2nd if, again, you count pronunciation), LISA (the 1st), CHANDRA, WILLIAM, DEAN, ONGE, BOB, LHM, THAT CRAZY BOOKWORM, ELLA, LISA (the 2nd...unless you count previous weeks' Lisas, then I think you're Lisa the 10th...Best name EVER!!), ALICE, THE GANG AT THE BOOK LOVERS HIDEAWAY, JAVID, LORIELLE, COURT, ROCKIE AND KRISTINA!!! (It's a darn good thing this isn't Twitter!)

As always, I am thrilled that you've stopped by! If any of you would like to share your books, poetry, music...whatever! Just leave me a comment on any post and I'll see what I can arrange!

Have a phantasmagorical week everyone, and don't forget to read a book or two along the way!!!


  1. yay! thanks for the welcome!Feel so special! :)

    http://magnet4books. blogspot. com

  2. Actually I just found you on Twitter and looked at your blog, as you requested. Nice info on the blog.

  3. hi Lor! thanks for the very warm welcome. that's really sweet of you to do so.
    thanks for the GFC trivia. that cleared up a couple of stuff lol.
    have a great week ahead as well. c",)

  4. I have something for you over on my blog, come and claim it :)

  5. LOL! You crack me up... but informed me as well, so even better ;)

  6. Aww this is so nice! I'm glad I followed :) Looking forward to your posts!