Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don't Panic! I'm Here!

Alright...I'd like to believe that you were all sitting at home, in front of a computer screen, biting your nails and wimpering because it's soooo late and I haven't blogged the Saturday post yet, but I know this is probably not the case. However, if it is, don't worry! The post is here! (Also, might I suggest therapy?)  ;o) 

There have been some GREAT (and I mean GREAT) bloggers who've started following this week! You should totally check out some of their profiles and links. Welcome to: JANICE, ADAM, DIANA, SARA, TJ AT MANUSCRIPTPROOFING.COM, EMILY, MARY, LYN, ANDREA, RACHEL AT THE ENDING UNPLANNED, CANDIE, KRISTEN, MIRICOR PUBLISHING, WIST, TENCE1, HORRORWRITINGDADDY (I met one of thems once....) HEATHER, ELIZABETH, SK, SIDNEY, DANIELLE, JENNIFER, MARIA, CARMEN, BARBARA, ANGELANBOBBY01 (I think that's a bunch of names all stuck together. I'm not sure where one stops and the next starts though, so welcome to all of you!) JENJIE, and XL1200R (either that's a super cool nickname, or you're a robot...either way, welcome!)!!! I'm glad to have y'all along and look forward to your comments!!!

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