Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thanks Jen!

I was very honored to receive "The Stylish Blogger Award" from Jennie at A Book, A Girl, A Journey this week! If you haven't started following her blog yet, you really should! She has some fun things in the works including two new author interviews (coming soon), and she is starting a Blog Hop on Monday! Here's the link: Check it out and be sure to leave her a nice comment or two while you're there!

Now, as I understand it, "The Stylish Blogger Award" has a few rules, which, I am sure, carry unthinkable consequences should they be dismissed lightly. These are:
1. The awardee must thank the person who bestowed the honor. (Check)
2. The awardee must list seven random facts about his or herself. Okay... Deep breath... Sometimes I wear white, plastic-rimmed, pointy, crazy-lady glasses when I write; my husband owns a burger joint; you can often find me lurking around plants (when I'm not writing, I design landscapes); I still think I'm twenty-one even though I have kids older than that; I used to have a pet gecko named Stevie; I peel all of the chocolate off of my Three Musketeers bars before I eat their nougaty guts, and I have three brothers, all of whom are taller than 6'5". Yeah, at 5'11" I'm the runt of the litter! Of course, as a girl, I am grateful for this. (Check, and double check)
3. The awardee must pass the award on to five new blogging buddies. (Check, in just a few minutes....)
4. The awardee must contact said buddies and let them know that they are the chosen ones. (Check, also in a few minutes).

Well, alrighty then. That was pretty fun! Thanks again, Jen! I'm off to spread the love....

My blog choices for "The Stylish Blogger Award" are:

1. Jenn: Time Traveler Extraordinaire -
2. The Ending Unplanned -
3. Sharp Words -
4. Security Files -
5. Sid is Alive -

Congratulations and thanks for being so stylish!!!

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