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I Do Believe in Feyree, I DO... I DO! (I DO Believe in Book Giveaways, TOO!)

Hooray for the Fey! Today I will be interviewing Claudia Newcorn, author of the enchanting Fairy Fantasy Adventure Series, "The Krisalys Feyree Chronicles". At the end of the interview, we'll have the details for another ROCKIN' giveaway! Stay Tuned!!!

LC: Hi Claudia, and welcome! I'm very glad you could be with us today!

Can you give us a quick synopsis of "The Krisalys Feyree Chronicles", as well as genre? (Although I think we might be able to guess!)

CN: In the best traditions of epic fantasy, the award-winning saga of the “Krisalys Feyree Chronicles” is a riveting tale of magic, danger, plots, dreams and ultimate betrayal that engulfs two realms, forcing feyree, dwarves and elves into a perilous struggle to discern truth from trouble as two ancient prophecies pit friends against each other in a battle of beliefs.

“Crossover – Scroll 1”: How do you convince an ice dragon to give you a tear when you’re only three inches high? What do you do when you’re dumped off at night in a bog filled with wraiths, and told “Hope to see you in the morning”? “Crossover’s” gripping adventure weaves a fascinating tale in which feyree struggle through increasingly dangerous Rites in a quest to earn their wings, even as shadows of a forgotten prophecy gather to change their realm. Winner of the Reader Views Literary Choice Award.

“Dark Fire – Scroll 2”: What do you do when you know the very survival of your realm is threatened – and nobody will listen? When the Firelord, Tvashtar Tizon, petitions the Feyree Council to form an alliance, many feyree insist he is presenting them with a rare opportunity. Yet while Tizon’s motives seem sincere, Danai and Joson are increasingly suspicious of their former friend – and so is the Lady of the Lake. Few heed their warnings, and when the ice dragon attacks, even the elves dismiss the threat of Tizon’s fire daemiani. But the Tvashtar’s fiery realm of Nonetre is withering, and Eshel, his scheming high councilor, believes the prophecy foretells far more than just a simple alliance... Winner of the Literary Written Art Award.

LC: How wonderful that your books are award-winning! What an accomplishment! So, how long have you been writing? Have you always known that you wanted to write?

CN: It’s not an exaggeration to say “nearly all my life”. I still have a diary from when I was five years old. Because I grew up largely overseas, there was no TV. Entertainment was in the form of books, travel and amusing myself. Scribbling came naturally. I entered my first school poetry contest in 5th grade when we were living in Frankfurt, Germany, and won first place. I’ve been at it every since – I love to write.

LC: Sounds like you have a passion! Do you have any strange habits or rituals when you write?

CN: Not so much in writing but rather that I’m a brutal editor. I edit and rewrite numerous times. As an example, “Dark Fire” was originally over 600 pages. The published book is 254. It was edited 8 times, rewritten 5 – and that’s before I gave it to my editor to review. I take a lesson from Rudyard Kipling’s father (who edited his work) – if it doesn’t move the story forward, it probably should be chopped out.

LC: How funny that you should mention Rudyard Kipling! I literally finished watching the Jungle Book live action movie no more than half an hour ago! And speaking of movies, if a big-shot Hollywood producer offered to turn your series into a motion picture (or a series of motion pictures), who would you want to play the lead roles?

CN: I think Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series) would make a superb Danai. She’s a chameleon, capable of shifting gears for her roles, and as Danai develops as a character during her advancement through the Rites of Krisalys in which sprytes (young fairies) earn their wings, Emma’s’ versatility would play beautifully into that.

I could see Anjelica Huston as Triasa. She is Danai’s aunt as well as a Charmer (one who works with the wood folk), and there is strength and pepperiness to her character. She stands up to the Dolmen, one of the three most powerful fairies in Lampion in defense of not only Danai, but of the fey folk when she sees him perverting the rules to serve his own vision of reality.

Danai’s best friend Pook, who becomes the Tvashtar Tizon, Firelord of the dying realm of Nonetre, is a character in conflict with whom he was and who he has chosen to become. Orlando Bloom would be a good candidate, because he presents strong depth of character, particularly when he must wrestle with his own internal perspective.

Guardian Toron, the Chief Warlord of Lampion (the realm of the Feyree), must lead the fairy against the fire daemons in what he knows will be a battle with high risk of failure. He could easily be played by James Purefoy. He has a worldly experienced look and the intensity and complexity of character.

LC: Good Choices! What is your own personal favorite movie of all time, and why?

CN: That’s a tough one – it’s like asking about a favorite book. Pushed to choose one, I would have to say ‘Pride and Prejudice’, with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier. It captured the charm and wit of Jane Austen’s book, with minimal distortion of the original story (unlike the modern remake). Every time I watch it, I get swept up in the delight of a fine story, superb acting, and expert black & white filmmaking.

LC: Okay, let's get back to books, (sometimes I get a little sidetracked *blush*). What, would you consider your greatest triumph as an author?

CN: Winning awards for both books. I felt honored when reviewers likened them to J.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Like most new authors, I sought input and guidance from other authors. Among many excellent pieces of advice was the importance of entering my books into relevant contests. I was thrilled when my books received awards because it’s one thing to think your work is good – it’s quite another to have it validated by experienced critics.

And if I may offer up a second, it’s the fact that guys have been surprised that they can read and enjoy a “book about fairies.” I do a lot of book signings, and fellows often think I’m conkers when I invite them to take a look at the book. And then they start reading “Dark Fire”, and they’re hooked. There’s a tendency to assume that fairies are all fluff and flitting – in my world, they’re struggling with many of the same issues we confront today.

LC: That's a definite triumph! As a fantasy writer, I often find myself taken aback by the positive praise I receive from male readers too, but I think that guys need that periodic escape as much as, if not more than the gals! Men also seem to appreciate strong characters...and speaking of characters...if you found yourself stuck on a desert island with one of your characters, who would you want it to be, and why?

CN: That’s tough because I’m deeply involved in all my key characters’ lives. Because I love to learn through discussions with others, it would likely be Triasa, the Charmer from Goldyn Vale or Healer Guildmaster Farrell. Both are steeped in the wisdom of their respective guilds, and I would be like Danai, one of my two heroes, wanting to learn all I could from them.

LC: What do you like to do when you're not writing?

CN: Get outside and away from technology. I find today’s technology will devour you if you let it, because we’ve become over-connected to the point of extinguishing creativity. When you stop to watch floating butterflies, scent the unmistakable smoky smell of approaching autumn, and marvel at the silk-smooth surface of a newly dropped acorn, you are reminded of your priorities in life and your place in the world – and the importance of plugging back into nature and your creative inner heart.

LC: What a beautiful thought! Earlier you mentioned that you grew up overseas. Just for fun, where is the most exotic or strange place your travels have taken you?

CN: Although I was born in the U.S., I grew up as a “transfer kid,” moving 36 different times according to my mother’s final count, as my family followed her father’s job. As a result, I visited numerous exotic places, including exploring castles, Roman ruins, World War II bunkers, the Aztec pyramids, the Black Forest, and numerous other places of legend and history. One of my favorite was Ireland. We visited the La Grange Circle – 5,000 years old – and I tried to imagine the people who once lived there.

LC: That's so cool! Well, Claudia, we're coming to the end of the interview, so last, but not least, SELL IT! Tell us why we should read your books, (insert devious chuckle here).

CN: My reviewers and readers say it best. If you enjoy a unique fantasy series filled with unpredictable adventure, intricate plot, unparalleled detail, and superb characterization, woven into a suspense-filled tale of danger and betrayal that is difficult to put down – then “Crossover” and “Dark Fire” are the books for you. And the third book in the trilogy, “Firestar”, is due out in 2012!

Okie dokey, one and all! I am JAZZED to let y'all know that Claudia is giving away a signed copy of Scroll One in "The Krisalys Chronicles," CROSSOVER, to an uber lucky commenter! If you've been following the book giveaways on the Authorpalooza you know how this works. If not, shame on you! (Just kidding! I'm glad you're here now!)

Anyway, on or around August 25th, Ms. Newcorn will choose a commenter at random to win her book. You are welcome to leave one, two, sixty-seven and a half, or even a hundred comments, however only one per person will be entered into the contest. Entries must be posted no later than 11:59 EST on the 24th, and don't forget to leave an email or contact info in case you're the winner!

Here's more about this sweet read! (Oh, and what about this cover, eh? "Wow", comes to mind....)

Discover the Magic of this award winning Fairy Fantasy Adventure series!

In the best traditions of high fantasy and the immortal quest, the contemporary saga of the Krisalys Feyree Chronicles is a riveting tale of magic, danger, plots, dreams and ultimate betrayal that will engulf two realms, forcing féyree, dwarves and elves into a perilous struggle to discern truth from trouble as two ancient prophecies pit friends against each other in a battle of beliefs.

How do you convince an ice dragon to give you a tear when you’re only three inches high? What do you do when you’re dumped off at night in a bog filled with wraiths, and told “Hope to see you in the morning”? Crossover’s gripping adventure weaves a fascinating saga in which féyree struggle through increasingly dangerous Rites in a quest to earn their wings, even as shadows of a forgotten prophecy gather to change their realm.

The saga continues in Dark Fire: Scroll 2.

     Claudia Newcorn lives in California. Dark Fire, her second book in the Krisalys Trilogy has just been published and is also available at She collects antique fairy tale books, attempts to garden, is taking courses in herbology and aromatherapy, and is passionate about hiking, animals, and the environment. A freelance writer for newspapers and magazines, with hundreds of articles to her credit, Claudia's most recently published short story is "A Cat's Gift of Faith," in Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul.


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