Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Wonderful Author, Two Terrific Winners, Three Thrilling Books, Ah Ha Ha Ha! didn't just go to Sesame Street; you've arrived at Lakisha-land. That's right! Today we have Lakisha Spletzer, author of "The Werelove Series" and "Moonbeams".
Lakisha's interview is below. Make sure to read to the end, because this girl's givin' it ALL away! :o)

LC: Hi there, Lakisha. Welcome to the Lor Mandela Blog! Tell us a little bit about your books along with the genres they fall into.

LS: Moonbeams is a fantasy with a little alternate dimension vibe. To sum it up in one sentence: Three clueless college students + One magical dimension + One Warrior Princess = A Heap of Trouble

Werelove: Midnight Revelations is the sequel to my YA dark paranormal romance novel, Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy. It continues the story of high school senior, Laylah Le Croix, as she tries to uncover the secrets in her past that affect her present and will change her future.

LC: Those sound like my kind of reads. I can tell that you have some interesting characters in your books, too. So, speaking of characters, if you were stuck on a desert island with one of yours, who would you want it to be, and why?

LS: I would have to say either Jewels or Shayleah. Both women are tough and trained to utilize their surroundings.

LC: Good traits to have around when you're on a desert island! How long have you been writing? Have you always known that you wanted to write?

LS: I started writing when I was 8. I don’t know if I’ve always known I wanted to write. It’s just something I enjoyed doing.

LC: How great that you're doing something that you enjoy! What do you feel has been your greatest triumph as an author?

LS: Having people want to read my novels and enjoying them.

LC: That's a great accomplishment for any of us, isn't it? So, what do you like to do when you're not writing?

LS: I teach dance at a local dance studio and I also read.

LC: Cool! Alrighty...I'm going to switch gears a bit here, (just so we can get to know you a little better). What is your favorite movie of all time, and why?

LS: My favorite movie all time is While You Were Sleeping. I know that surprises some because I write science fiction and fantasy. I like that movie because of the humor, the crazy misunderstandings and the rather good use of the various characters to move the story along.

LC: I love that movie, too! Sandra Bullock is the queen of Rom-Coms (in my opinion). Okay, so if you were approached by Hollywood and some big shot producer offered to make your latest book into a movie, who would you want in your lead roles?

LS: Oh, wow! I don’t think I’ve even thought that far ahead.

LC: Heehee! Now you have something to think about, huh? Alright, I have one more random question and then we'll get back to writing and books. Where is the most exotic or strange place you've ever traveled to?

LS: Most exotic? Hm, I’ve never been out of the country though I have traveled to a total of ten different states.

I think the strangest place for me would be my own mind. :)

LC: Love it! So while we're on the subject of strange, do you have any strange habits or rituals when you write?

LS: I write with pen/pencil and paper and then later type up my chapters. It’s been a while since I could sit at the computer and let my words flow. I find that I write better and get more done when I do it old school.

I also have a bit of sweet tooth but something that really helps me get going are the no bake fudge cookies from Wal-Mart.

LC: Uh...YUM! Last, but not least, SELL IT! Tell us why we should read your books. (The heat is on, buah ha ha!)

LS: Oh, the pressure! *pops knuckles* All right then, here goes.

Moonbeams is an adventure story filled with battles, exotic places and clueless college students. There is all humor and some cultural exchanges that will make you laugh.

Werelove: Midnight Revelations is a character-driven story that explores bullying, dysfunctional families, self-esteem issues and growing into one’s own skin. There is romance as well. The storyline is not for the faint of heart or those that are looking for that happy ever after because there are still three more books to go.

I want to thank Lakisha for joining us today, and for her amazing generosity! She is hosting TWO giveaways! Giveaway #1 is for a signed copy of "Moonbeams":

ISBN-13: 978-1451559859
ISBN-10: 1451559852

A Veil Recipe
3 clueless college students
1 magical dimension
1 Warrior Princess
A pinch of danger

Take three clueless college students, mix in a tobacco field. Combine one magical dimension and stir in a defiant Warrior Princess. Throw in a pinch of danger and slow cook until steaming.

Invite five angry deities. Open and serve your new heap of trouble.

Giveaway #2 is for a signed copy of each of the currently available "Werelove" books, DUSK CONSPIRACY and MIDNIGHT REVELATIONS!

ISBN-10: 1449900879
ISBN-13: 978-1449900878

Seventeen-year-old Laylah Le Croix has a rich father, mansion, and servants. Yet she is lonely and neglected. Her father would rather work than speak to her. At the academy she is bullied and mistreated.

When Weres attempt to kidnap Laylah, she is saved by the mysterious Donil Silentshadow. Donil rouses feelings in Laylah that make her question her life and her father’s animosity toward her handsome rescuer. Confused by these emotions, she seeks answers from those closest to her and is rebuffed.

She must make a choice. Obey her father’s edicts or follow her heart to learn the truth about her past.


ISBN-13: 978-1453786895
ISBN-10: 1453786899

"Hi, my name is Laylah Cherie Le Croix, and being ignorant can be life-threatening."

Laylah Le Croix is searching for answers. Dissatisfied with the silence from her caretakers on the subject of her kidnapping and, unnerved by her Father's sudden interest in her life, Laylah eagerly anticipates graduation day and the freedom to pursue her own goals.

She secretly continues to see her boyfriend, Donil Silentshadow, who values her as a person and gives her the love she desperately needs.

Were Council politics and a familiar enemy's insidious plans collide with the couple's happiness and threaten to unleash the hidden inter-tribal feuding amongst the Weres.

Will Laylah be able to navigate the onslaught of this latest disaster or will the secret, those around her are keeping, finally consume her?

The rules are the same...Comment away, and on or around Aug. 26th Ms. Spletzer will choose 2 commenters as the WINNERS! You can comment over and over again, (until the cows come home, if you so desire), but only one comment per person will go into the hat for the contest! Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on Aug. 25th, and make sure to leave an email address or other method for us to contact you if you win! Good Luck Everyone!

     Lakisha Spletzer is a native of Virginia, who currently resides in Citrus County, Florida. When she's not writing, she can be found reading stories from authors Elissa Malcohn, K.L. Nappier, and Piers Anthony, to name a few. The adventures rattling around in her head drive her to put pen to paper so that she may share them with others. She describes her writing style as a blend of her favorite genres: science fiction, fantasy and paranormal.


  1. Me! me! ME! Pick me! ;) I'd love to win!


  3. While all of those sound amazing, I'd love to read Moonbeams. I really enjoy alternate exotic worlds in fantasy and the fact that your characters are older college age students has me intrigued. I don't think there is enough of that age group represented in today's fantasy. I would love to win a signed copy of Moonbeams! Great interview and thanks for the chance to win!

    Donna @ The Happy Booker
    ahappybooker at gmail dot com

  4. @hotcha12 and the Happy Booker

    Thank you both for stopping by.

    @the Happy Booker - I agree there isn't a lot of fantasy stories with college students. The characters tend to be children/teens or adults that are older than the college years.