Monday, October 24, 2011

What's Your Muse?

Hello all,

Hope everyone's off to a great start this week! Here's the book question of the week:

Hey writers...tell us about your muse. What inspires you to write?

Leave your comments below. It should be lots of fun to see where other authors find their motivation!

Have a spectacular week!!!


  1. My inspiration comes from music. I create playlists as I discover new musicians (or they're sent to me by my editor with the subject line "hey, I think you'll like this!") and then pull from those for specific stories. When writing my trilogy The Island, I tend to listen to Loreena McKinnett. For The Changeling Chronicles, I listened to Inkubus Sukkubus' Away With the Fairies, a lot of Adam Lambert, and the podcast Darker Shade of Pagan.

    I also have a very wonderful editor, whom I've long referred to as my muse. He keeps me on task, sends visual inspiration for characters and settings, and is always there when I need to bounce a word choice off someone or ask an opinion on a segment of a scene.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Thanks Miya! You have some amazing artists and music mentioned here! I'm not familiar with Loreena McKinnett's stuff. I'll have to check it out. Thanks again for your comment!!!

  3. I have to say music too--I put my ipod on shuffle and take a jog. Especially at night where I can just let my mind wonder.

  4. I am inspired by many things. Beside the usual tv and overheard conversations, I would say an overactive imagination is the thing that drives me to write. I get so many ideas, from lines o dialogue to scenes and entire novels / short stories than I need to write tyo keep ahead of myself.

    Also a desire to rise above where I am, leave the job I hate behind and ensure my kids can lead the life they deserve is an enormous motivator.

  5. Any little thing can spark an idea, from the glimpse of an interesting stranger to a photo in an album, or even a vivid dream. However, lately my muse has been very lazy and uncooperative.

  6. It usually is everyday life. I look at inequalities and misplacement of equity and think, 'How can I weave these very real issues into a fairy tale folklore for youth?' I love waking up in my world and seeing all of the amazing things that are happening. It's art and art is inspiring.
    Tasha Ina Church

  7. My muse in in the waking before the sunrise.
    My muse may be noticing someone who is unseen in the day. My muse could be a revelation when a walk my dogs, or when creation says DO this.
    My muse id living fully. My muse is agony. My muse is every experience I know while I live...

    Just a writer.

  8. What awesome comments everyone. It's amazing how many things, big or small, can inspire us to write. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. I hope you'll all come back and comment often!! Happy Halloween!!!

  9. I was born with a disease which, coincidentally first affected me just weeks ago. I was planning on doing a NaNoWriMo, but didn't have a strong inspiration; I had never written a novel before, though I write and blog often. My disease blistered my hands to the point that I couldn't use them; could brush my hair, couldn't open any bottles, couldn't even grasp a pen in my hand or type on the keyboard. THIS is my inspiration. One day I won't be able to write anymore. Maybe I'll die at a young age, maybe I'll live to be 100 but have alzheimers and be unable to write because of my memory. I want my writing to leave a mark on the world, and I know now that this is the moment it needs to happen. I can't keep waiting and pushing it off until my hands blister up again, I need to write NOW.

  10. Books. I love to read and the more I read- the more I want to write. I have always loved both of them!