Monday, October 17, 2011

Whattya Think of This?

It's Monday...and that means another Book Question of the Week!!! So here goes:

Let's talk classics! My favorite classic novel is Jane Eyre...What's yours?

Share your fave here!!!


  1. It's a toss up between the ever popular, Pride and Prejudice or The Count of Monte Cristo.

  2. Hi gals!

    Yeah,P&P is a VERY close second on my list, (and Jane Austen is far and away my favorite author). In fact, I kind of bounce back and forth between Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre.

    I haven't read The Count of Monte Cristo in years, but thanks for the brain jog! Watch out, Kindle! Here comes another one!! :o)

  3. I love Jane Eyre and The Count of Monte Cristo - and The Three Musketeers too. I have quite the passion for the Sherlock Holmes novels by Conan Doyle.