Thursday, July 4, 2013

OMG, Becky! She's Ba-ack!

Hi all! 

I decided that it's high time I started blogging again. (Woohoo, I know!)

First, an update... 

I am still working on book 3 in the Lor Mandela series, as well as trying to make headway on two other titles. I think this last year and a half has (have, had)  proven to be the most non-productive of my life, but hopefully I've emerged from my wretched funk at last, and with any luck, word counts (totaling greater than, ya know, seven or eight), will follow. 

My dilemma has been this: I write; I revise; I re-read; I cry. Then, I try again, only to revise again, which leads to  re-reading again, which leads to further shameless weeping. (Tragic of the books I'm writing right now has the tentative title, "Tears"-- no correlation whatsoever.)  

Anyway, I'm trying to stop with all the revising and re-reading until the end, but, for me, this seems comparable to scaling the Empire State Building in footed pajamas. (I mean, c'mon! I've revised this post twelve and a half times already!)

So, here's a question for all you authors: How do you know when what you've written is good? Or do you ever? Is it possible to be happy with your writing? (Yeah, that's three questions. I'm an over-achiever.)

Post your thoughts below...PLEASE!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!

Oh, and to all my Yank friends, a safe and happy 4th!!!!

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