Monday, August 13, 2012

Question for the Authors...

Hi all! I really should be writing right now, but I am having blogging withdrawls. (Only took 8 months or so). Anyway, in order to avoid guilt for abandoning my literary progress, I shall strive to keep this fairly short. I just have a question I'd like to put to my fellow authors:

What, specifically, made you decide to become a writer? I'm curious to see what motivates others to lock themselves away from civilization, ditch hygiene, and talk to imaginary characters. (Oh, come on! You all know you do it!)

Share your stories by commenting; share your thoughts by commenting on the comments; share your wealth by wiring money into my account...oh, wait... just kidding, (unless, of course, you were actually going to wire me money. Then I was absolutely serious!)

Have a productive, word countful sort of day!


  1. I decided to become a writer when I could no longer ignore the voices in my head, and realized that they could write a pretty good story. My only role seems to be in untangling the different voices and writing down the history of the most important parts of their lives. That, plus the opportunity to stay in my pajamas all day and still claim I was "at work".

    A M Jenner

  2. Hee Hee! That brings up another very important question...footies or non-footies? :o) Thanks for your comment!! Hope things are going well for you!