Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cures for Laryngitis and Romance

Okay...I am not looking for a cure for romance! (Just to be clear!)But, I did wake up this morning with a raging sore throat and no voice! Anyone know any awesome home remedies?

So, on the subject of romance... How important is it to you to have a sprinkling (or a deluge) of romance in the novels you read? Do you like tons of the mushy stuff, or just a tiny smattering? Or, does the idea of having to read one more line about how Angelica can not go on without the strength of Roberto's arms around her quivering body make you want to toss your cookies?

Let me know! I'm curious as to what you think!

Have a happy day!!!

-L. Carroll


  1. Sorry about the sore throat! I lost my voice at least once a year when I was teaching school.

    I love just a hint of romance in a novel. I believe Louis L'Amour had the right idea about it.
    Warm Regards,

  2. Thanks Mella,
    I'm with you...just a touch! Thanks for following! I'm going to have to check out "Nia" on Amazon! Chat with you soon!