Monday, October 10, 2011

Ghost Stories...or...Erm...Ghost Stories!

Happy new week, everyone!

First...Allow me to welcome JESSICA, AINSLEY and J.C. to the blog! It's wonderful to have you gals along!!! I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Alrighty then, let's continue on to this week's question, (or questions...there are two this week). As it is October--the month where ghouls rule and ghosts are the most--I thought it might be fun to scare up your favorite terrifying tales!

I'm sure you're all aware that paranormal is a HUGE book genre at present, (I even dabbled a bit in ghostly visitations myself in "Four Hundred Days"),  therefore question #1 is: What is your favorite novel that deals with the paranomal, and why? And question #2: Have you ever experienced the paranormal yourself?

Feel free to answer one or both of the questions! Go ahead...try to really freak us out!!!

P.S. Check out the voice we caught in our house a couple years back! This is a true EVP. No one heard this until we were watching the video. The vid is uncut/unedited, (you can fast forward through the first part if you want...the EVP doesn't come in until right at two minutes). I can't tell you where the voice came from. There were only two girls and an eleven-year-old boy, (prior to man-voice age), in the room. What do you think?  

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